November 19, 2018  |  11 Kislev 5779
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Mitzvah 613

Mission Statement for Mitzvah 613 - Taking Hold of Torah

Our mission is to offer every member of the Temple Beth Sholom family the opportunity to fulfill Mitzvah 613, to write a sefer Torah. Our hope is that in the fulfillment of this mission, our family members will be brought closer to Torah both physically and spiritually; and will be generous in their Torah dedications, so that we raise enough capital to eliminate our mortgage responsibility, making us more financially secure. An investment in our Temple, is an investment in our future.



What does it mean to take hold of Torah? When we go up for an aliyah - we take hold of Torah. When we study Torah or bring our children to Religious School - we take hold of Torah. When we embrace Jewish values - we take hold of Torah.


This year at Temple Beth Sholom, we will have an amazing opportunity to take hold of Torah like never before. Mitzvah 613 states that every Jew should write a Torah and you will have an opportunity to fulfil this mitzvah! You are invited to participate in this sacred act and take a quill together with the Sofer (scribe), and do as Jews have done for thousands of years - write a Torah. 


There are hundreds of thousands of letters in a Torah and all of them are holy and essential. If one of them is missing or broken - the entire Torah cannot be used. So too,each of us is an essential part of our community. By writing even one letter together with the Sofer, every family will help make this Torah possible and become part of what will be a rewarding experience, from the 1st letter to the very last letter.


Come take hold of Torah by joining us in writing our new Torah, participating in the numerous activities and sponsoring meaningful portions of the Torah that will be associated with you and your family forever.


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