June 16, 2019  |  13 Sivan 5779

2007-2008 Museum Exhibit

Freedom and Independence(Opening April 18, 2008)

Just in time for your holidays’ enjoyment, pass by the Judaica Museum show cases and the gallery spaces to view our unique collection of Hagadot. Since the Pesach’s story of freedom and independence is a recurring theme in the history of our people, the Temple Beth Sholom Judaica Museum is proud to present this exhibition for the first time.

TBS’s extensive Collection of Hagadot includes some one hundred rare pre-Israel’s Kibbutzim Hagadot; some are from the 30’s and 40’s. For example the one from Kibbutz Beit Hashitah, dated 1940, includes the Katzenelson letter, typed and hand written; the one from Kibbutz Afikim,dated 1943, hand lettered, includes women’s chain telling. One of the oldest in the collection is a sarcastic Hagadah "published" in Tel-Aviv, 1930. The exhibition will include photographs and historical data illustrating the struggles for freedom and independence endured by the Israeli Kibbutzim.

The exhibition will be on view through June 2008.



Israel in Fashion & Jewelry (Opening Feb 1, 2008)

Israel @ 60 celebration continues with a colorful overview of Iraeli Fashion and Jewelry beginning with Yemenite craftsmanship to Gottex cutting-edge fashions.

[photo]"After Mars" by Tamir Sher - Israeli photographer is a visual contradiction between visible fact and fiction.

[photo]The photographs taken for the exhibition, called After Mars, are filled with the artist's amazement at discovering a pastoral innocence within everyday urbanity. His focus is upon the light that shows small details, and the darkness that creates shadows and shrouds the subject.

[photo]Some of the images feature Sher's son and his friends exploring and playing within the family garden. "I fill these places with light, I want to see the detail [of this garbage mountain], to make something that is horrible, beautiful and glorious," he said. Other influences upon Sher include American photographer Ansel Adams and painter Mark Rothko; artists who also emphasized light and dark.


Israelis in the Arts (Opened November 16, 2007)

[photo]As Israel approaches its 60th Anniversary of Independence, the aura of uneasiness still lingers . . . Are the dreams of the early Zionists slipping away, or will the goals of peace, safe haven and "normalcy" be attained? Yes, we are celebrating! Just as Yitzchak Rabin said, the Jewish people returned to Zion and built a prospering nation in the land of our fathers.

[photo]In Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of Our Fathers: Judah, the son of Teima said, "At fifty for wise counsel, and at sixty to be an elder (a time of emerging maturity)." This statement describes Israel perfectly. After two thousands years of Jewish struggle in the Diaspora, the young state is still seeking "wise counsel" to bridge all differences from within and to overcome the threats from its neighbors. At sixty, it is a time of maturity - Israel, despite all the turmoil, is still striving to build an exceptional national home and state.

[photo]At TBS we will celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary through its "PEOPLE."

[photo]The Judaica Museum will present "Israel’s Hall of Fame" with four exhibitions that will feature famous and influential Israelis in different disciplines from government, politics, science, literature, arts, theater, music, fashion and design. The exhibitions will give us the opportunity to learn about the events and their leaders that led to Israel’s birth, growth, and maturity.

This exhibition honors noted Israelis, from poets to painters, photographers, authors, singers and dancers.