Officers and Board of Trustees 2022-2023

The management of the affairs of this Congregation is vested in the Board of Trustees. It is charged with and assumes control of all the property of the Congregation; designates the financial institutions wherein the funds of the Congregation shall be deposited; and is responsible for expenditures and disposition of Congregational funds and property. The Board of Trustees generally holds regular meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except July. The Board of Trustees consists of 40 members elected by the membership, including the Officers. Any person who is a member in ‘good standing’ of the Congregation for a minimum of one year prior to his nomination and has been actively involved in the Synagogue shall be eligible for election to the Board of Trustees. The term of office of a Trustee is for one, two or three years and no person will serve as a Trustee for more than six consecutive years. (abridged and adapted from the TBS constitution)


Executive Board

Michael Schor

Debbie Dubowsky
Executive Vice President 

Carrie Gordon
Vice President of Education 

Sanford Berger
Vice President of Religious Affairs

Louis Naviasky
Vice President of Finance

Lewis Bartell
Vice President of Administration

Rebecca Altman
Vice President of Community Engagement

Alan Goldstein

Jared Friedmann
Financial Secretary

Leonard Bergman

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees-Term Ending 2025
Boaz Ben-Moshe
Janet Faber Cooperman
Jess Drabkin
Billy Goldstein
Ronit Hakimi
Robin Merker
Dana Moskowitz
Steven Palter
David Pollack
Rose Warshawsky

Board of Trustees-Term Ending 2024
Marc Fishman
Farra Forrest
Talya Lederman
Marc Magid
Limor Mann
Morty Schaja
Evan Wagner
Ellen Walk
Madeline Yousefzadeh

Board of Trustees-Term Ending 2023
Susan Brown
Richard Feldstein
Pearl Halegua
Steven Kantorowitz
Nadine Kesten
Betsy Landsman
Gil Lipper
Phyllis Pellman
Avi Simkhai
Jared Wasserman