Temple Beth Sholom Religious School is proud to be one of the largest religious schools on Long Island with over 300 students from grades Pre-Gan (Pre-K through 7th grade) through Makom (8th – 12th grade). We have dedicated, professional Jewish educators including faculty specialized professionals for Hebrew Music, Jewish Art, Israeli Dance, and Yoga.


Sharon Solomon
Educational Director – Community Engagement & Development
(516) 621-2288 ext.118

Silvia Kogan
Religious School Assistant Principal/B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator
(516) 621-2288 ext.133

Register for Religious School by logging into your Shulcloud account or calling the Religious School Office at (516) 621-2288 ext.118. Be sure to secure your spot!


Fee Schedule 2022-2023

Pre-Gan (Pre-Kindergarten)$600$600$200
Gan (Kindergarten)$1400$1800$200
Aleph (1st grade)$1400$1800$200
Bet (2nd grade)$1800$2600$200
Gimel (3rd grade)$1800Families must join TBS$200
Daled (4th grade)$1800Families must join TBS$200
Hay (5th grade)$1800Families must join TBS$200
Vav (6th grade)$1800Families must join TBS$200
Zayin (7th grade)$1800Families must join TBS$200
Tikvah (Special needs)$1900$2,500$200

Philosophy and Curriculum

At Temple Beth Sholom Religious School we strive for a curriculum that will challenge the children and provide them with a sense of pride in Judaism. Our students are taught to question their learning and become critical thinkers through active participation. Our curriculum is an integration of Torah, Jewish History, Holidays, Laws and Customs, Hebrew and Israel. Our philosophy is to combine learning with action. We believe that to teach Mitzvot meaningfully, the children should practice what they’ve learned.  We don’t just “talk” about doing chesed (acts of lovingkindness); we create many opportunities in the class and at home to participate in charity projects.

The Religious School program offers children experiential learning that introduces the Jewish Holidays, Bible Stories, Hebrew, Prayer. The children learn about Mitzvot and participate in Tikkun Olam projects.

Religious School Curriculum includes:

  • Bible/ Parashat Hashavuah (portion of the week)
  • Prayer
  • Hebrew Language
  • Jewish History
  • Israel
  • Current Events
  • Mitzvot
  • Ethics and Values
  • Holidays/Laws and Customs