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    Better Together

    By: Sharon Solomon Posted: February 5, 2020

    Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn Heights, N.Y. seventh grade students had their fourth Better Together session with seniors from the Atria on Roslyn Harbor January 26th. The room was buzzing with hugs and shared conversations. We had red mugs made for the seniors and staff that had a heart with two hands holding each other. Written on the mugs were the words “Better Together”. Beautifully wrapped inside the mugs were some of the refreshments we made together. There was gourmet chocolate drops to make hot chocolate or to munch on, mini marshmallows, a flavored tea bag, a honey stick and a wooden spoon. Students made the seniors hot chocolate with whipped cream or hot tea with honey as they desired. Seniors and students got cozy and played the board game Scrabble or card game Solitaire. Many seniors taught the students how to play.Then, students taught the seniors how to play Word and Solitaire on the Ipads. Smiles and laughter were definitely part of the game! We enjoyed freshly baked hot pretzels that we had made there, a fresh fruit platter and ice cream sandwiches together, It was amazing!

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