Dear Members of Temple Beth Sholom:

The theme of this year’s Torah Fund Campaign is Kol Yisrael Averim Zeh Ba’Zeh –

Torah Fund strives to make a significant impact through scholarship and programs that benefit students at the Jewish Theological Seminary, New York; Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Los Angeles; Schecter Institute, Israel; Seminario Rabinico Latinamericano, and Zacharias Frankel College in Germany. Through our generous donations, we help committed Jewish Students become rabbis, cantors, educators, synagogue administrators, social workers, researchers, and our future lay leaders. Our donors align with all students who value learning, and we provide the future generation with relevant skills to fortify the Jewish people. These are the individuals who guide, teach, and uplift our people, one at a time, whether in person, or remotely, during these challenging times.

The new Torah Fund pin highlights the word “AREVUT” – responsibility. It corresponds to the theme form of the Babylonian Talmud which tells us that “all of the people of Israel are responsible for one another.” And we assume that responsibility by supporting the Conservative/Masorti institutions of higher education. 

All Sisterhood members work together year-round making important contributions to the Jewish community and synagogues in the United States, including Temple Beth Sholom. The most significant way to endure the success of our Torah Fund campaign is by your contributions.

This year Nadine Kesten and I will co-Chair the TBS Torah Fund Campaign. Please feel free to contact either one of us should you have any questions. Thank you for your generous fully tax-deductible donations in support of Torah Fund.

Please return your check payable to TORAH FUND to:
Janet Cohen Eder
27 Stirrup Lane, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577  

Nadine Kesten
142 Tara Drive
East Hills, NY 11576

(Please include your name, address and phone number.)

Benefactor: $180.00
Guardian: $300.00
Associated Patron: $600.00
Patron: $1,200.00