At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic Rabbi Lucas allowed us to count a minyan of 10 on Zoom as an alternative in a time of emergent communal crisis.

Thankfully, the current diminishing Covid-19 situation allows us to once again gather in our Chapel for our daily Minyan Services. Rabbi Lucas has ruled that we once again need a quorum of 10 people in person to constitute a minyan but the only problem is – we are having trouble “getting a minyan” of 10 in-house.

Minyan is a shared responsibility. Please help us by signing up for a particular Service or two when you can actually commit to being at minyan so we know that we can count you in. In addition you may also sign up to lead a Service if you know how to do so.

You may also register your name and mobile number to place yourself on an “on-call” text list so that if we are short for a minyan we can text the group and hopefully you or others can quickly come over to help us “make the minyan”.

Check any of the following morning minyans that you can commit to attending regularly
Check any of the following evening minyans that you can commit to attending regularly
Click here to be added to the minyan "On-Call" text group. You will be contacted if we are short for minyan.
Please indicate if you can also lead a Service